Derma PCD Franchise Company In India

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Derma PCD Franchise Company in India

As the GDP of the country is growing, so is the paying capacity of the Indian population.As the country is becoming financially stable and stronger, people have started elevating themselves from not just covering their basic necessities but moving on to their physiological needs. Now the country is well aware of how they want to spend their money on and what they want to spend it on. They are growing an inclination towards healthcare and skin care.

As skincare is growing in popularity, so is the derma manufacturing market. Now pharma manufacturers are also investing into derma ventures and churning profits out of it. If not manufacturing,new entities are also investing in this industry in different ways. One of the most popular ways to step in this industry is to take a Derma PCD Franchise of a well reputed company.

What is Derma PCD Franchise?

When a manufacturer entities an entity with marketing and selling rights in a particular designated area under their own brand name.

Business Opportunity

Scope of Derma PCD Franchise

  1. Access to new technology and innovative products - Companies spend a heavy amount on innovation, research and development of a new product that can be sold in the market and due to this agreement between two parties,a franchise gets access to the latest products before anyone else in the market.
  2. Exclusive territory - Generally companies like Medliva lifesciences, Casca Remedies Pvt Ltd provide an exclusive territory to their franchisees to work on. In the Derma PCD Franchise agreement, there are normally no other players working on the same brand and same product list in the same designated area.
  3. Wide portfolio - Big brand names like SunPharma, Sanes pharmaceuticals, Medliva Lifesciences,Casca Remedies Pvt Ltd have a huge portfolio from which a franchisee can choose the products to sell in the market. Every area has a specific demand and a different customer’s trend. Hence, if the franchisor provides a huge portfolio to choose the products from, it is easier for the franchisee to increase its captured market share.
  4. Dedicated account manager - Every area has a different account manager who manages an entire vertical of problems that the franchisees have. In this way,companies get personalized attention towards them and get the required support from the team of franchisors.
  5. Complete marketing and promotional support - Medliva Life Sciences provides complete marketing support in all aspects possible to its Derma PCD Franchise owners. Like providing windcheaters in winters to T- shirts in summers, Glossaries , branded pens, dairies etc
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How Derma PCD Franchise works - The business model | Medliva Lifesciences

When a client chooses to associate with Medliva Lifesciences, they are choosing quality products. This means they have a clear idea of how they have to build their businesses and that makes our job easier. The business model is divided into 4 stages -

  1. The ideation stage - In this stage, the clients and Medliva Lifesciences team have a basic discussion on how and where they want to operate. This helps us understand the vacant locations that the client can operate in and how much they want to invest. This discussion is important for the company and the client as they both should be on the same page and work with the same ideology.
  2. The dialogue stage - In this stage, the company and the client have a discussion on the nature of the business, if they want to operate in a complete monopoly or not. The terms and conditions for monopoly are discussed and taken further.
  3. The action stage - In this stage, clients provide the required documents- GST Number, Drug License, Adhar Card and Pan Card to the company along with the finalized order.
  4. Finalization Stage - In this stage, the clients are officially Derma PCD Franchise Partners of the company and can start operating an autonomous business of their own.
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